Pressotherapy and Thermotherapy

Pressotherapy and Thermotherapy equipment rental: Eliminates liquid, fats and toxins accumulated in the body.

Rent the Tahe Laser System Pressotherapy and Thermotherapy equipment to achieve the best aesthetic results.


Benefits of pressotherapy

Pressotherapy stimulates the lymphatic system and boosts lymphatic drainage, with the aim of eliminating liquid, fat and toxins accumulated in the body.


First the air pressure breaks up the accumulation of fat (for example concentrated fat deposits localised in the legs and gluteal area) so that it can flow with other retained liquids and toxins and they can then be eliminated through the lymphatic system.


Many people are unaware that pressotherapy can also be used to improve intestinal movement (when applied in the abdominal area), which can help with issues of constipation.

Stimulation of blood circulation

Pressotherapy also stimulates blood circulation, and is recommended to improve aesthetic issues in the body such as:

  • Cellulite and orange-peel skin: one of the most common aesthetic issues we experience. If you want to be rid of cellulite, there is no better treatment than pressotherapy.
  • Liquid retention: by stimulating blood flow, liquids are eliminated more quickly and efficiently.

Applications in beauty treatments

  • Treatments for eliminating fat and toxins.
  • Treatments for eliminating and reducing cellulite.
  • Treatments for eliminating varicose veins.
  • Treatments for eliminating water retention.
  • Treatments for oedema and lymphoedema. 
  • Post-operative treatments after liposculpture.

Pressotherapy treatments are NOT recommended for:

  • Patients with circulation problems.
  • Patients with heart disease, high blood pressure or low blood pressure.
  • Patients suffering from deep vein thrombosis, superficial thromphlebitis or arterial insufficiency.
  • Patients with infected or inflamed skin.
  • Patients suffering from hyperthyroidism.
  • Patients with cancer.

Benefits of thermotherapy

  • Vasodilation: The heat stimulates blood circulation in the treated area. This effect is called hyperaemia, and has an analgesic effect and eliminates or minimises pain and discomfort, helping to nourish the tissues and accelerate the body’s normal processes to eliminate toxins.
  • Reducing arterial pressure: Thermotherapy treatments have a beneficial effect on the heart, which reduces blood pressure throughout the body. This procedure should be carried out and monitored by a team of professionals, and correctly applied is beneficial and creates a relaxing effect, but prolonged use can cause dizziness.

More benefits of thermotherapy

  • Relaxing and soothing effects: the application of heat produces a relaxing and soothing effect. This treatment is beneficial for muscle relaxation, and prevents or reduces muscle spasms and relieves fatigue. Stimulating the body in this way has important benefits for rehabilitation, preventing or reducing muscle spasms, and for treating injuries. It also relieves symptoms in patients of arthrosis or arthritis and joint pain.
  • Pressotherapy can also be described as an alternative therapy that applies a cauterising method. It uses heat applied to a specific area at a temperature above the skin’s natural tolerance levels to produce cauterisation of the affected tissues, to produce anti-spasmodic and revulsion effects.
  • The treatment also has positive anti-inflammatory effects in cases of dermatitis, spots, granuloma annulare and other conditions. However, it is important to avoid application on the acute symptoms of these conditions.

Features of our equipment

Our equipment incorporates two systems, pressotherapy and thermotherapy:

  • Pressotherapy system: Consists of 9 zones over the whole body. In each zone the pressure can be regulated individually and with high precision using our analogical electrovalves, which have 20 settings for the level of intensity. Each zone can also be individually deactivated. The system has a choice of 4 treatments, treatments 1 and 2 for a more gentle effect, and 3 and 4 which are used for a more intense treatment. Each treatment can be applied for a different ascending or descending treatment.
  • Thermotherapy System: Also has 9 zones of heat application, which can be adjusted between 25°C and 60°C using internal waves to suit the requirements of each patient. There is also a warning system that disconnects the equipment.

The equipment includes an 8-inch touch screen to operate the software. This enables all the settings to be adjusted for both systems. The screen also displays the exact information to show what the machine is doing.