IPL Photoepilation

Rental of IPL Equipment with the latest generation F-SHR system and Power Shoot

Rent the IPL equipment from Tahe Laser System and get a professional photoepilation service.


Pain-free SHR:

SHR stands for super hair removal, a system which works by gradually heating the hair follicles , which means there is no pain and we can also minimalise the risk of any side effects. A further advantage is the possibility of epilation on higher skin phototypes and even on tanned skin.


Our SHR system is also called HFI (high frequency impulse) and is an improved SHR system that uses up to 12 pulses per second, with higher effectiveness than conventional systems. It uses greater power and is therefore able to generate square waves without the peaks usually created by other SHR systems.

Intense pulse

Our equipment incorporates a large-size handpiece with two lamps which means we can apply the energy more effectively and minimise the time needed for each treatment.


By incorporating two lamps the light density is greater, and with a greater density of energy per cm2 in the spot we can ensure the energy reaches every follicle in the skin to produce more effective results of the treatment.

Power Shoot

This system means we can focus the energy into a single pulse in order to treat the most resistant hairs and also to finalise treatments on the remaining fine hairs that other systems such as diode or Alexandrite lasers are not able to remove.


With this range of applications in a single piece of equipment we can remove thick hairs without pain and fine hairs where other IPL machines or epilation systems are not effective.