Electroporator ND

Rental of Electroporation equipment that activates the regeneration process

Rent Tahe Laser System’s Electroporation equipment for a professional result


What is Electroporation + Needle?

It is a therapy to rejuvenate the skin using microbeads without scarring and enhancing the skin’s natural healing process and collagen reorganization process.


It is the new generation of emerging technology that combines automatic puncture and electroporation to effectively administer an active.

How does it work?

The Needle system, through 9 microbeads, opens microchannels in the skin to increase its permeability and activate the regeneration process.


The electroporation is integrated into these microbezels to administer the active ingredients to a greater depth and achieve better results.

Work techniques

  • In the form of mesh. It generates an activation of the whole tissue against the effects
    against the loss of youth.
    • 1. Vertical lines.
    • 2. Horizontal lines.
    • 3. Right diagonal.
    • 4. Left diagonal.
  • Spiral-shaped. For areas with dilated pores
  • Zigzag shape. Wrinkles, stretch marks, scars.
  • Stippling. Lip contour and periocular area, with little pressure.

Factors that increase penetrability

  • Age: The younger the age, the more permeable.
  • Localization: the thinner the stratum corneum, the more permeable.
  • Hydration: the more hydrated the skin, the more permeable.