RF Dual Pro

Rental of Radiofrequency equipment that improves the renewal capacity of tissues

Rent Tahe Laser System Radiofrequency equipment for a professional result


What is Dual Pro RF?

Radiofrequency is a non-invasive and painless treatment that works by using an electromagnetic wave to gradually warm the tissues.


The gentle increase in heat causes a physiological effect in the skin, through three actions that stimulate physiological activation from the interior of the tissue: by increasing micro-circulation, dilating the blood vessels, and increasing the temperature of the dermis. These reactions stimulate the production of new collagen by increasing the numbers of fibroblasts and reconstructing existing fibroblasts, which achieves a result similar to a lifting effect.


Our RF DUAL PRO machine uses an electromagnetic wave with a frequency of 456 kHz, which produces thermal and subthermal effects, to achieve visible results from the first session. The equipment includes a grounding pad, a capacitive handpiece and a resistive handpiece, all ergonomically designed, plus a range of accessories. It uses a power of 550VA-300W.

How does it work?

Our capacitive and resistive radiofrequency causes an increase in temperature, while respecting cellular physiology, that boosts circulation and cell activity.


This energy reaches into the cells of the dermis and the epidermis, and unlike the capacitive radiofrequency of the TGS1, Dual Pro RF also works on the hypodermis, so that the treatment reaches deep into the skin as far as possible.


The gradual warming of the skin creates a pleasant and relaxing sensation. This treatment is suitable for women and men who want to improve their appearance without surgery.

What can I expect from this treatment?

The results ca be seen in two stages:

  • STAGE ONE: takes place immediately as the existing collagen in the skin contracts.
  • STAGE TWO: Happens over the next few weeks, and becomes increasingly visible as new collagen is produced, reaching its maximum effect after about three months when the formation process of the new collagen is completed.