Diode Laser Pro

Laser Diode Pro Rental with the latest generation F-SHR System and Power Shoot

Rent the new Laser Diode Pro from Tahe Laser System and discover the advantages of professional equipment made in Spain.


F-SHR System and Power Shoot

Can be used safely on high skin phototypes. Highly effective for the treatment of thick and dark hairs.


The effective treatment means the hair regrowth takes longer and fewer sessions are required with longer breaks in between. The F-SHR system is practically painless and treatment is easier and more effective.

By using high repetitive cycles of treatments we can reduce the session times and give quicker results. Can be used on tanned skin. The longer wavelength and cycle-emitted energy (pulses per second) means there is a very low possibility of burning.


The way the energy is emitted in cycles increases the temperature of the subdermal area, without using the hair as a conductor, which gives better results on a wide variety of hair.

We use a maximum pulse duration of 780ms and that means we can divide it in order to maintain a consistent level of power as the pulses are emitted and no areas are missed.


The Power Shoot system focusses the energy in a single pulse for effective treatment in the most resistant cases and to finish treatments when the remaining hair is finer and lighter.

Cooling system using special Peltiers (thermoelectric cooling) and cooling through double refrigerationradiator. Crystal temperature down to -15°C. Sapphire crystal guide light.

What treatments can I do?

1. Pulse by pulse

Highly effective treatment, each emission consists of a series of high-energy pulses in order to enable treatment of small areas similar to treatments using the IPL system.


2. FHR

FHR treatment uses sweeping movements and is much less uncomfortable than conventional diode laser systems. It combines circular and linear movements to avoid missing any areas.


3. Pain-free

Also uses a sweeping-movements and is totally painless. It consists of gradually heating the hair follicles until they are destroyed.


4. Rejuvenation/Acne

This treatment involves applying pulses of intense light onto the skin, to penetrate it and stimulate the formation of new collagen. It improves the quality of the skin to give a longlasting smoother and tighter appearance, and also considerably improves symptoms of acne.


  • Larger spot size than most other equipment brands (13mm x 20mm).
  • 12 bars with 1600W.
  • Sapphire crystal guide light for the transference of cold from the cooling system to the spot. – High power compared to current diode systems.
  • Even more rapid treatments than current diodes.
  • Repeated-emission treatment for a consistent series of pulses.
  • Treatment by small areas and Power Shoot for the elimination of remaining fine hair.
  • Completely painless treatment using software due to the use of shortduration high-energy pulses.
  • Refrigeration capacity -15C, with high recuperation after each treatment.
  • Up to 15Hz with a pulse width of 10ms.
  • Maximum power is 200j/cm2 350 joules or 380W.
  • The sweeping system reaches 10Hz with a pulse width of 320ms and 15Hz with a pulse width of 5ms. • The time between each emission is less than 1 second.
  • The 1600W system needs a pulse of 100ms to generate 150W, which means the procedure is less painful. 
  • Power consumption 2200W.
  • 20,000,000 emissions.
  • Minimum maintenance simply involves cleaning the equipment and the handpiece. The machine has a warning system and checks for changing the lamps and filters.