Drena Pro Pressotherapy

Pressotherapy equipment rental: Eliminates liquids, fat and toxins accumulated in the body

Alquila el equipo de Presoterapia Drena Pro de Tahe Laser System para conseguir los mejores resultados estéticos.


Benefits of the Drena Pro equipment

Pressotherapy is a technique that uses air pressure to stimulate compression and decompression on specific areas of the body.


The aim is to improve circulation in the veins and drainage in the lymphatic system. This drainage is the elimination of liquid, fat and toxins accumulated in the body.


The technique is painless, effective and healthy, and gives immediate results, leaving you feeling relaxed and rested.


The air pressure works to break down the accumulation of fat and facilitate its elimination via the body’s lymphatic system.


Stimulating blood circulation helps to improve cellulite and orange-peel skin and also to eliminate liquid from the system more rapidly.


The equipment can be adjusted to the individual measurements of the body with its zip-fastening connectors (with 3 fittings) and tapes to adjust the cover to the correct fit.


  • Ergonomic body suit.

  • You can select the number of cameras to activate and the power of each one, or turn each one off to block individual zones.

  • Wave-shape inflation.

  • A range of personalised programmes to facilitate the most effective treatment.

  • Effective and efficient system that can be connected and left to work automatically, enabling staff to attend to other clients.

  • Very low-level maintenance. The suit is made of highquality material that is suitable for thousands of uses.


  • Eliminating fat elimination.
  • Eliminating or reducing cellulite.
  • Reducing varicose veins.
  • Oedema and lymphoedema.
  • Post-operative treatments for procedures that can cause accumulation of liquid such as liposuction or a mastectomy.
  • Stimulating venous and lymphatic circulation.
  • Maintaining normal venous and lymphatic circulation.
  • Preventing varicose veins when precursory symptoms appear (including heaviness in the legs, oedema, tired legs, water retention, etc).
  • Cellulite.
  • Obesity.
  • Improving skin trophism and recovering cutaneous elasticity.
  • Post-partum care.
  • Preventing thrombosis in bed-bound patients.
  • Relaxation (indirectly stimulating circulation throughout the body and aiding general wellbeing)
  • General detoxification throughout the body.


Please read the list of contraindications thoroughly to determine if the patient suffers from any of the conditions listed. There is a questionnaire at the back of the user’s manual that clients should fill out in order to detect any possible contraindications.


If the client suffers from any of the contraindications below, they should consult their doctor to determine if they should undergo pressotherapy treatment.


  • Patients suffering from heart disease or high or low blood pressure.
  • Patients suffering from deep vein thrombosis.
  • Patients with any skin infection or inflammation.
  • Patients with hyperthyroidism.
  • Cancer patients.
  • Pregnant patients for treatments around the abdominal area.
  • Patients with significant varicose or twisted veins.
  • Patients with inflammatory arthritis.
  • Patients with cardiac-circulatory decompensation.
  • Patients with myocardial heart disease